Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Need to dynamically filter a calendar view

We have a list of project risks where each item (i.e. Risk) is associated with one and only one project, each item also has a proximity date (i.e. roughly when we expect the risk to hit).  We have been asked to product a report page with a calendar view showing the risks against their proximity date with a dynamic filter that will let management select which project they want to view risks for.

Were this just a normal list view, no problem.  Just convert the list view to an XSLT DVWP in SharePoint Designer (or create the DVWP from scratch), drop a datasource and drop down box on the page and feed the selection into the filter on the view.  Job done.  Unfortunately it appears that you cannot convert a calendar to an XSLT DVWP and cannot find a way to create a Calendar DVWP from scratch.

We searched but the results either had nothing to do with what we wanted to do or were in the negative.

Posted this as a question in the Microsoft Sharepoint help forums.


  1. Stephen did you ever find a solution to this?

  2. Hi did you find solution for this?